Jenna Oorlog
8th Grade Earth Science
Brandon Valley Middle School



Lesson Plans Online Text Book Class Notes
Ch 9 Quiz Review

My Carbon Footprint

Links for Scientist Biographies:
PBS site
Science World
Science Kids

Jeopardy Ch 24 & 25

Intro to Earth Science:

Ch 1 Jeopardy

Rocks and Minerals:

Ch 6 Rocks Jeopardy

Ch 5 Minerals Jeopardy


Mineral Research Websites:

Design Jeweler

Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

Toad Hollow Minerals

Raven Crystals


Pretty Rock


President's Project:

Presidential Advancements

Obama Example

Earth Chemistry

Website for Bohr's Models


Chemistry Jeopardy


Earth History:

Ch 8 Rock Record Jeopardy

Ch 9 Jeopardy: A View From Earth's Past

Earth History Semester Review

Reforming the Earth Jeopardy (Ch 10-13)


Earthquake and Tectonics Jeopardy

Earthquake Test Review


Nasa Website for Notes


Ch 26 Astronomy Jeopardy

Ch 27 & 28 Astronomy Jeopardy

Ch 29 and 30 Jeopardy 

Astronomy Semester Review

Constellations Project Websites:




Meteorology Notes Fill in


Meteorology Jeopardy     

Forecasting Project Rubric and Websites

Regions/Climate link